Cuz your Boyfriend’s a Bitch

He ain’t sh*t

3 min readJul 16, 2021


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I recently downloaded TikTok, unaware of what lies inside the social media app that stormed the world.

I soon discovered the strong feminist presence in the best way.

Women empowering women to wear what they want and be who they are. Moms cheering other moms on and normalizing what parenting looks like behind closed doors.

There are beautiful parts of TikTok that I find sweet, cute, and just plain wholesome.

Then there is the other side.

A trend where women create a dialogue with another character (either themselves dressed differently or a friend) discussing how their boyfriends act towards them.

The song that’s playing is Tyler Cassidy’s “Boyfriend.”

You said that he did you dirty
So what’s the harm in flirting, baby?
’Cause your boyfriend’s a bitch
He ain’t shit, he can suck on my dick

The videos are an attempt to empower women to be better than the man they’re with. To be themselves and not let their “man” make decisions for me.

Some examples are “he lets you wear that? My boyfriend would never!” or “You can post that? He would be SO mad!”

You get the point.

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

First of all, the song itself is not promoting feminism. If you’re reading the lyrics — or listening — at face value, it sounds like a well-intentioned man trying to save a woman from an overbearing, under-committed boyfriend.

I can see the future in your eyes
You know I would never tell you lies
I just wanna see you smile
So stick around a while,
baby I see your man blowing up your phone
Telling you that you need to come home

Sure. I’ve heard this before from someone who is just as obsessed and overbearing as the current boyfriend.

F that clown, he ain’t know ‘bout a thang
Look, I don’t see no engagement ring

What are you implying?

All your friends tell you you need to let go
Seem like he still got your…




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